AMK offers a complete package solution for our customers. Our staff of professionally trained and certified technicians and installers are equipped to take each project from the ideation and design stage all the way through to installation. In order to assure a successful project, we take great care along the way to make sure that each project is compliant to the appropriate industry specifications and regulations. After care is also provided by our service and repair team who is prepared to offer 24-hour service when necessary.

The brand-new designed in-ground swing door operator C127 is available in the standard (S) and in the heavy (H) execution to suit every requirement. The main use for this in-ground swing door operator is mainly to hide the drive in the floor and provide a better aesthetically design to your façade system while avoiding a bulky drive at the top...
contact-free switch
Contact surfaces – and in particular, door handles – are responsible for spreading vast amounts of bacteria and viruses, some of which can pose a real risk to health. CleanSwitch provides a contact-free, hygienic method of opening doors. It works by means of a deliberate hand gesture within the detection range of 10 to...
Alges toilet system, specifically designed for the disabled, features an automatic door operator, speakers, LCD lighted display, contactless sensors and braille sticker. It allows a disabled individual to easily enter and exit the toilet. The interface design of the control panel also adds elegance to the facility...