Underfloor Swing Door System

Blasi C127 X is the world's first underfloor opeator for swing doors with exceeded IP69 protection and enables unprecedented diir designs for entrance in state-of-the art buildings. The drive which is concealed in the floor, allows all-glass doors to hover elgantly and silently over the ground. The drive system can be used for single and double leave applications. The unique offset drive design offers a very close fcaade install and is therefore a huge benefit for installation flexibilty. The integrated wind-damping features slows down the door at wind loads

BLASI C 127-SU in-ground swing door operator

The brand-new designed in-ground swing door operator C127 is available in the standard (S) and in the heavy (H) execution to suit every requirement. The main use for this in-ground swing door operator is mainly to hide the drive in the floor and provide a better aesthetically design to your facade system while avoiding a bulky drive at the top.

The new operator combines the experience, skill and reliable technology from Blasi. Thanks to its modular construction and ability to fit existing doors, the C127 is amazingly flexible and can be used for the widest possible range of applications. Exceptionally quit in operation yet highly dynamic, even heavy doors of up to 400 kg can be easily operated.

The hidden drive provides the most demanding architect with greater freedom of design. The easy to maintain system is located in the floor, if required covered by the flooring itself, thus harmoniously blending into the entrance area. The operator also serves as the lower bearing and moves the door leaf using a pivot or slide arm connection.
  • The C127 is ideal to be used in any building like office buildings, hotels, hospitals, airports, museums, shopping malls, residential buildings and many more
  • Standard execution offers the use for door leaf weights up to 250kg (551 lbs) and for the heavy version the use of weights up to 400 kg (880 lbs)

  • Including a complete floor-spring closer that can be used during power failure

  • Drive unit fully sealed against dirt and water in class IP 69

  • To be used as a single or as well double leaf execution

  • Available with integrated magnetic brake