AMK International Corporation Ltd., is an established Hong Kong-based engineering company founded in 2003, specializing in the design and installation of premium imported architectural products for the medical, hospitality, commercial, performing arts, and educational markets in Hong Kong and Macau.

Currently, our growing product line consists of, but is not limited to, the following products:, Automatic Door Systems, Automatic Sliding Doors, Automatic Swing Doors, Barrier-Free Toilet System for the Disabled, Safety and Sensor System, Movable Glass Partitions System, Ironmongery, Automatic Retractable Seating, and Public Seating.

Repair service type
Single maintenance service: AMK can provide customers with on-site inspection and testing, troubleshooting, maintenance of accessories and other maintenance services. We will calculate the price based upon the complexity of the specific work.

Year-round maintenance service: By signing an annual contract, AMK can provide customers with routine equipment maintenance and maintenance services once per month. If there is a device failure that requires replacement of accessories, we will price that separately
Maintenance Service Team
Over 80% of our service technicians have more than 5 years of industry experience.

Our team has received Systematic Technical Training and Certification System, and all of our technical personnel receive regular ongoing product and technical training.

We have industry-leading partners who can provide professional technical service support to ensure the rapid determination and elimination of difficult faults.

For inquiries, please call our customer service line at (852) 3590 9125 or email