Being a master distributor of Manusa in Hong Kong and Macau, AMK Provides full range of manusa's' product lines for health care market that includes hermetic sliding doors. hermetic swing doors and Hermetic glass clear view doors.




The sliding hermetic doors forms part of the solutions offered by our team for laboratories, hospitals and environments related to the health sector. Our airtight sliding doors are customizable. Finished in stainless steel or high pressure laminate which is available in a wide range of colours, as well as the combination of both. With bi-part or single-slide options, Manusa’s hermetic doors combine the advantages of an automatic door with the airtightness and hygiene required for clean environments. makes our designs perfectly integrated into any architectural project, adding aesthetic value that conveys professionalism, elegance and safety to users. Manusa hermetic sliding doors carry our seal of guarantee, as they ensure access, comfort and provide maximum security. There is an option for a flush-surfaced vision panel in glass with camera, elegantly designed and easy to clean, all available in different shapes and sizes.


The hermetic swing doors look to integrate functional hermetic doors, respecting the aesthetics of the building, by adapting to it or being the element that makes the difference. These doors, specially designed for the healthcare sector, represent an advancement in the creation of hermetic spaces thanks to the combination of materials and design. Our hermetic swing doors can be assembled with a single leaf or double leaves, always guaranteeing the hygienic conditions of the interior. This is achieved by using materials such as stainless steel or high-density laminate. Whatever the client's needs are, our doors seal both sides, the top and the bottom of the door frame, ensuring the space remains airtight. Manusa hermetic swing doors have the guaranteed security that we offer with all our products. They have a vision panel with a flush camera which blends in with the aesthetics of the space, while also being easy to clean.


The hermetic Clear View glass doors are a specific design by Manusa which guarantees airtight environments in certain rooms or areas, such as observation rooms in hospitals. It also provides clear visibility of the interior. However, when a certain degree of privacy is required, electric polarized glass or a glazed unit with an integrated venetian blind can be installed, which offers the option of visibility or privacy of the interior. The Clear View hermetic glass doors offers wide visibility of the room’s interior, making them the best choice for observation spaces in buildings related to the health and pharmacutical sector. The doors maintain the pressure conditions hygiene, temperature and humidity, ensuring hermetic tightness thanks to the mechanical sealing system. The Clear View hermetic glass doors guarantee insulation against any exterior element, allowing the construction of isolated spaces without losing any advantages of Manusa’s automatic doors.