Talking about fresh air? We are literally in our element. It is the centre of everything we stand for. The company started in 1968 with the invention of the first electric motorised smoke vent. Nearly 50 years later, we are proud that our great passion has made us the world's leading provider of smoke extraction and innovative ventilation systems. We will continue to inspire confidence with innovative solutions that provide a safe, healthy and comfortable atmosphere in buildings. We call it: Building Atmosphere.

Types of Product

CDP 1500 / 1000-BSY+

The chain drive CDP 1500/1000-BSY+ is particularly suitable for SHEV applications and the electromotive opening and closing of large and heavy NSHEV roof windows and vents. Thanks to its high efficiency, ultra quiet and ultra high-performance gearbox as well as its high-performance chain made of coated, galvanized carbon steel, the drive offers a carrying capacity of up to 1500 N with a 1000 mm stroke while boasting ultra-low power consumption of a mere 4 A. Because of the consequent use of high quality materials in the housing, gearbox, chain and electronics a long durability and a reliable operation are secured.


  • electromotive opening and closing of large NSHEV roof windows and vents with high weight or snow load

  • applicable for openings for smoke deduction as well as for the daily ventilation

  • VNR-mode for especially quiet ventilation

  • symmetrical construction with curved design

  • synchronisation of 4 drives according to the microprocessor-controlled BSY+ technology

  • Temperature resistant (30 min/300°C) with 10,000 double strokes at the rated load

  • available in various RAL clolours

KA 34 / KA 54

Chain drive for all types of windows, microprocessor-controlled motor electronic, individually programmable via PLP, applicable for smoke and natural ventilation, high pressure and tensile force, up to 500N, stroke lengths, up to 1300mm


  • for wide facade windows, roof flaps and dome lights

  • all drive functions, characteristics and stroke length are programmable via Powerline (PLP1, PDA service tool)

  • useable for smoke ventilation, D+H Euro SHEV according to DIN EN 12101-2 as well as daily natural ventilation

  • smoke ventilation with high-speed function for fast window opening in case of fire

  • high pressure force by special chain stabilisation

  • fire resistance (30 minutes/300°C) and 10,000 double strokes with rated load, tested

  • extra silent motor running in ventilation mode

  • equipped with additional passive and active anti-pitch function for the main closing edge

  • window gasket relieve function after closing procedure

  • cable entry interchangeable from the left to the right

  • can be painted in all RAL colours

  • individual stroke lengths and change of structural dimensions possible

  • various options available, e.g. position and status indications

  • smoke, heat vent and ventilation controllers as well as various accessories available from D+H

ZA 35 / ZA 85(-HS) / ZA 105(-HS) / ZA 155

The ZA 31, ZA 81 and ZA 101 rack and pinion drives are applicable for flaps and domelights of any kind. Thanks to their construction, they ensure pressure and tensile stability in any fitting position and can be used even under the most difficult conditions. The use of high quality materials and a proven precision toothed rack provides for a long lifetime and a reliable function. A variety of fastening brackets facilitates almost any application and numerous types of mounting.


  • for facade windows, roof flaps, domelights and roof windows

  • low current consumption

  • high protective system IP 65

  • encased drive unit

  • corrosion resisting toothed rack

  • electronic limit stop and overload cutoff

  • fire resistance (30minutes/300°C) and 10,000 double strokes with rated load

  • tested following DIN 18232

  • cable entry and drive unit interchangeable

  • special stroke lengths up to 1500mm on request

  • can be painted in all RAL colours

  • individual stroke lengths and change of structural dimensions possible

  • wide range of standard versions

  • various options available, e.g. position and status indications, see drive options

  • wide range of bracket sets, see brackets for ZA

  • further accessories, see drive accessories

  • smoke vent and ventilation controls

  • including various accessories available from D+H