Inground Sliding Door System

Our under floor systems give architects more space to add a charming touch. In doing so, our developers have emphasized the fact that the drive is not a conventional one taken from the series and simply modified accordingly, but that it has to comply with the demands of a highly specific application. A claim which is relevant not only in terms of functional safety, but also keeps wear and tear to a minimum and emphasizes the need for regular maintenance.

BLASI SU automatic sliding door drives cater for door opening sizes of up to 4000mm in width. This includes drives for linear (S16 SU) as well as radial doors (R61 SU). The maximum weight of the door leaves is up to 1 x 200 or 2 x 200 kilos. A depth of at least 200mm is required for installation.

Sloping doors, heavier leaves and larger opening widths are available on request.

BLASI in-ground operated sliding door

The BLASI designed in-ground sliding door is specially made to avoid a bulky header or overhead boxes while the drive unit is totally hidden in the floor. The advantage is evidently to create a perfect build up and transparency while offering a system that can also carry heavy door leaves.

The comfort and use of the S16 SU is exactly the same as every standard overhead sliding door but offers a higher flexibility for the building design and structure and provides a perfect aesthetic solution.

The drive unit is executed with an in-ground stainless steel encasing, a sealed separation for the electronic and the motor components. A specially developed gully trap and drainage outlets will protect the unit and ensure a safe and proper operation for the same lifetime as any other regular overhead sliding door.

The wide range of the S16 SU offers executions as single-slide, bi-part, v-shaped, inclined and even slanted designs that will cover any requirement.
  • Sliding door that can be used in any buildings like office buildings, hotels, hospitals, airports, museums, shopping malls, residential buildings and many more

  • Perfect solution for any glass façade and curtain wall system

  • Frameless option available for incredible transparency

  • Silent and reliable drive unit that has been developed specially for in-ground use

  • Passage heights up to 5000mm are possible (on request)

  • Installation depth of operator only 200mm